World Renowned Shepard Fairey and Other Artists Gather in Louisville for Art Show

Sage Delaney
April 20, 2023

Louisville is about to host one of the most significant art events in recent memory. The 'Outside Influence' show is set to take place on April 26th at 6pm at the Common Gallery on Portland Ave, and it plans to bring a star-studded collection of artists from around the country into Louisville, headlined by legendary street artist Shepard Fairey.

The purpose

The show is titled 'Outside Influence' because it's meant to showcase the work of artists from around the world, giving the Louisville art community a taste of what's happening beyond our city limits, and to offer out of town artists a chance to experience what Louisville’s art scene has to offer.

“The art world here is dense compared to the population. So exposing artists like this to how special this city is will make them want to come back and make them have a different view on Louisville, Kentucky.” Said Eddie Donaldson, the show’s producer, artist agent, and Louisville native, who recently returned from LA.

Donaldson believes that it’s important for artists to be exposed to fresh perspectives and ideas, and wants the show to be a space for local artists to engage and connect with artists from around the world.

The city has a vibrant arts scene that has been growing rapidly in recent years, with more and more galleries, museums, and public art projects popping up all over town. Roughly 15 artists from around the country are coming to Louisville to experience what the city has to offer. The show opening on the 26th will be an incredible opportunity for Louisville artists and creatives to connect and engage with artists from around the world.

Shepard Fairey

The main attraction of the show is Shepard Fairey (pictured below), the iconic street artist known for his politically charged work. Fairey has become a household name over the years and is responsible for creating some of the most memorable images of the 21st century, including the Obama "Hope" poster that became a symbol of his historic campaign.

During his stay, Fairey will be painting a 7-story mural of Muhammad Ali on the side of the Chestnut st. YMCA, and hosting a workshop at Louisville Visual Art on Tuesday, April 25th.

The Artists

Along with Fairey, artists such as Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, and Brandon Boyd have work in the show.

The show also includes a number of local artists including Francis Thomasovich and WASP.MFK.

Thomasovich told us of the burden he felt being one of the few local artists in the show next to so many legends, saying, "I hope my perspective on contemporary art shows in the selected artworks but is not limited to the cliche of local art."

Dante Marshall, an artist from Pennsylvania currently living in LA was very excited to be in Louisville, saying, "The love that I see in the people of Louisville is the same love that motivates me to create art around the world, that universal hustle, the glow in the grind."

Outside Influence artist lineup

The opening of Outside Influence is on April 26th at 6 pm at 1512 Portland Ave. It is free and open to the public. Although not all of the featured artist will be in attendance, Shepard Fairey and roughly 15 other artists will be present.